Peanut Pendant


A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes understands how precious each milestone can be, and how hard it can be to let go of a loved one. For this reason, I am happy to create specialized keepsakes, with varying styles, guaranteeing you will find something you love. Each setting can be crafted with a variety of inclusions. I will customize your order to fit your uniqueness. Please feel free to contact me with any questions

This peanut pendant holds two 7 mm pearls that can be created with your choice of inclusions. If you chose to have 2 inclusions (one per pearl) please advise choices in note.

Excess breast milk will not be returned. Please do not send more than the required amounts. Please also do not send the last of your breast milk. Hold some back at home in case it is needed at a later date. Unused portion of breast milk will not be stored.

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