European Beads


These beads are specially crafted to your request and can rest beautifully on a charm bracelet or necklace. Each bead is designed meticulously and with care and can be created with placenta powder, a cherished lock of hair, your very own breast milk and other inclusions.

Beads are set with sterling silver. Opening measures 5 mm. These beauties will fit most common charm bracelets.

Also available are Beads sets by request. The more beads you choose the better the discount. Please contact for custom invoicing. Prices as follows:

3 beads $233.75 (25% off 1 bead)

4 beads $297.50 (50% off 1 bead)

5 beads $361.25 (75% off 1 bead)

6 beads $425 (free bead!)


Excess breast milk will not be returned. Please do not send more than the required amounts. Please also do not send the last of your breast milk. Hold some back at home in case it is needed at a later date. Unused portion of breast milk will not be stored.

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