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Some times just hearing other moms experiences with PPD helps to ease the feeling of being all alone. Here are a few short stories to boost your resolve….

Danica: We had a rocky journey that resulted in a lot of self sacrifice (but worth it!) my son was extremely “colicky” and had horrible reflux from birth. He was also diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie which made nursing extremely painful. We had it revised but the hours of screaming and crying persisted. Turns out he has a cows milk protein allergy so both of us had to go dairy free.. it helped but he was still having tummy issues so we both also eliminated soy (all forms), egg and gluten. It was extremely difficult to even find food to eat let alone eat enough to keep up my milk supply so my supply dropped and my son dropped to the 2nd % for weight. We started domperidone and increased my milk supply and I am happy to say that he is now almost a year old and he is back to the 50th percentile and we have added almost all proteins back into our diet and still going strong breastfeeding. It was very difficult for both of us but I am very proud that we persevered!

Brooklyn: I suffered from PPD and PPA. I waited 6 months before telling my doctor. I broke down in tears telling her about all of the dark places I went to in those months. She followed up with me 4 weeks later to see how my Zoloft was working. I broke down crying again but for a different reason, I felt like a whole new person! It was amazing and I was so thankful I decided to see her. I was so ashamed of my PPD/PPA. But now I’m more ashamed that society’s mold of a “perfect mom” held me back from getting the help that I needed. Whether it’s medication, therapy, or a more holistic approach, get the help you need and DESERVE! It will change your life.

Eva: I suffer from postpartum rage. I found out that it can develop until your baby is 2. My oldest just turned 2 when I finally got help, I fully believe I had double the rage from both of my babies. I got to a point where I was scared of myself, my husband worked on the road at the time. I knew I had to get help because my babies needed me to be okay.

Alex: I suffered from PPD in silence, I was told by my spouse and others I was not experiencing this. My thoughts were held against me during arguments, I felt so alone and broken. I didn’t understand why I didn’t love my baby like everyone else did. And I waited way too long to get help. When that light bulb finally clicked I realized ITS NOT ME! It is hormones, and as they wreaked havoc on my body during pregnancy, they continued as they were leaving my body. By that time the first few months of my daughter’s life was gone, I have no recollection of having a newborn. Talk to your doctor, it’s not you, and it’s not your fault! It’s okay to take meds! It’s okay to go to counseling! It’s okay to need alone time!

Renee: It was awful and rocked me to my core. PP anxiety brought with it rage.. social anxiety and so much more. I had no idea what was wrong with me, doctor never ever said anything. It also brought the worst guilt , even now 4 years later I still have the worst guilt.
Don’t be afraid to seek out help and don’t be ashamed if you need drugs to help. There are many natural meds that help also.
Talking really helped me, knowing I wasn’t alone, finding my triggers and working through them with a tool box full of strategies.
I still struggle some days , and some weeks but I know now it’s something that can be helped ❤️