Meet Your Artist

Keeping Your Memories Close

Hi! My name is Monique I am the artist and owner behind A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes. While working as a doula I found so many parents wanting something more than just a memory or photo of a birth, surrogacy, breastfeeding journey or a loss. I felt it also plausible there coud be interest to commemorate a first hair cut, a parent or pet who has passed on…this is how A Mother’s Blessed Keepsakes came to be.  

Owning and operating my own business gives me the heartwarming experience to work individually with each customer to create one of a kind unique treasures. Currently I craft each and every one of these pieces in the comfort of my own home surrounded by my family.  

I love that I can transform a dna inclusion into a tangible memory. My pieces bring peace and solidity to personal bonds, experiences and feelings.   

I use only high quality jewelers resin in the creation of your keepsakes and all jewelery pieces are crafted out of sterling silver unless otherwise requested.  

I spent years experimenting and figuring out how to create my breastmilk keepsakes. I wanted to ensure that my method would not deteriorate or discolour with time. With my own preservation method for breast milk I create one of a kind, custom, odourless breastmilk stone.   

What’s so thrilling is that every drop of breastmilk is singularily unique in it’s color. These can vary from a creamy yellow to pearly white, from opaque to translucent. This is why your stone will be as totally individualized as your experience.  

Creating breastmilk and life element jewelry is a passion of mine and I am so excited to share it with you! What I do is create a lasting wearable memory of your unique journey.  Though the processes differ you can also have a keepsake created with Cremation ash (human and pet), Locks of hair, Placenta dust, Dried flowers, Umbilical cord, Soil, even Fabric. Options are limitless!  

I try to make myself available and easy to contact  for all of my clients. I am open to special requests, and do whatever I can to create the keepsake you have pictured in your minds eye.  The result? You will have a beautiful wearable keepsakes to cherish, preserving your most intimate moments.

Cultivating A Memorable Relationship

When you order from me,  you become part of my family. During your search for the perfect setting, and while customizing your keepsake stone I will be there to help you through the process. I hope that your purchase with me brings you peace and enjoyment.